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Is the Taliban the New Waodanies?

The Taliban, the New Waodanies?

The Waodoni tribe is in the jungles of Ecuador, South America. The movie, “End of the Spear,” reveals how God used the murder of five American missionaries by the Waodani tribe as the beginning of the redemption of the Waodoni people. Incredibly, their wives went into the tribe after their deaths & began showing the Waodanies the love of Jesus.

Here is a bit from the movie:

“No one has ever made contact with these people & lived to talk about it.”

Compare this with the extreme Muslims, the Taliban, & the children, youth, & men they recruit:

The families from which the Taliban recruits need clean water, a means to take care of their families, & food. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, talks about the lives of these children & their families who live in poverty. Watch her interview these children in the video, “Inside a school for suicide bombers.” It struck me to the core of my being.

The only way I’ve found to witness to Muslims is through showing them love & what true forgiveness is.

This is the way the Gospel goes forth. Period. Across the street or in volatile countries. The love & message is the same.

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:38

There are many Muslim families in our own towns. If you know any, seek to be their friend. Help them. Many are poor, see if you can meet their needs. What will Jesus do through you?

Watch this Beautiful & Inspiring Video:

“Woman leaves Islam for Christ

See more of the Waodani’s story of redemption at

Love, Jenny

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CHPC HS Youth & College/Career Summer Kick Off!

What is life without connecting to God & others? Had fun with some of the wonderful youth yesterday as

Shainy prepared a “low country boil”… we didn’t boil the country, just potatoes, shrimp, corn, you get the picture. Pretty tasty!

It was a great time to connect & have fun. There’s power in that.

Jenny Shain, Life Coach to Creative & Visionary People.

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Scavenger Hunt!!!

CHPC Youth had a Scavenger Hunt Monday & it was pretty crazy!

Let’s just say, baby food, oysters, car pushing, balloons, & some other weird but great stuff!

Jenny Fox Shain

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Christmas Party!!!

Our CHPC Youth Group Dirty Santa Party!

I Love the pink flamingo bag! However the Starbucks cards were pretty sweet! And yes, they were licked. But it didn’t keep em from getting stolen!

Jenny Fox Shain

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Chapel Hill Youth Group!

Here’s part of our new gang- Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church Youth Group!

_MG_5295_MG_5293The Cheeseball game was pretty fun, although this kid wanted to EAT the peanut butter.

Jenny Shain

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PCA Camp in Illinois… The MAD Towel Cape Briggade!!!


They only appear at midnight, this special breed has made a tremendous come back from near extinction! Find them only in Southern IL & NOW near ATLANTA GEORGIA!!!

LOVE ME SOME CAMP! Leading Senior High camp was Shainy & I’s last stop before moving to GA.


Jenny Fox Shain

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First Nativity! “on them has light shined”

The Youth Group took a trip to “Our Lady of the Snows” & saw their First Nativity, Petting Zoo, & Christmas displays…




Check out MORE Cute photos at my Flickr site above!

Shainy, Jacob, & I had a hard time pulling them out of the kids craft room where they were all making button-pins!

Personally, I liked the animals & music the best. But the buttons were pretty great too!

I think it was important for the kids to see the Nativity scene. We read all the Bible verses & explained everything. It’s kind of strange, this whole story if you’ve never really heard it before. This was their first Xmas & I think it was beginning to make sense. At the end of Our Lady of the Snows, is the Nativity scene. I think they were finally like, “OH, THAT’S WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT.”

I thought about God bringing everything into harmony… The animals- the sheep, any animals that were at the manger & with Mary & Joseph, & the humble shepherds, the Angels, their music, nature- the star, politics- the census, the poor, the wise-men, All TOGETHER. All to worship the Messiah, who had come in the most unlikely of places. But God ordained it all.

Now God has brought our church & these youth together with us…The most unlikely of people together here in St. Louis to worship God.

2 The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them has light shined.

6 For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

ISAIAH 9: 2 & 6

Let me know if you’d like to help! Immediate Needs: School Uniforms, 50 Prayer Partners, 4 Youth Leaders, Gas Cards, Monetary Donations, & Salary for a Youth Minister.

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A Christmas to Remember

Our Youth Group had, for these particular kids,

their FIRST Christmas Party!

They ate pizza, decorated cookies, played “Dirty Santa” (White Elephant), except they didn’t know who “Santa” was, sang Christmas songs, well, that was actually just me & Heather singing, because they don’t know them yet, played reindeer games… ok, Uno, Cards, & Chinese Checkers 🙂

It is so nice to see the youth relaxing in a safe environment where they can simply be kids. One of the guys had only been in America 3 days. It’s an awesome experience to welcome them with the love of God. Thanks to the Haas family for hosting a fabulous party!

2 Africans, 4 Burmese, 15 Nepalis, 1 Mexican, & 5 Americans… Welcome to the Kingdom of God at “New City Fellowship.”

The kids said, “I don’t want to go”  😦 when we had to leave. We all had a wonderful time.



Immediate Needs: School Uniforms, 50 Prayer Partners, 4 Youth Leaders, Gas Cards, Monetary Donations, & Salary for a Youth Minister.

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Horse & Country Day

18 Youth who had NEVER ridden a Horse + 4 Youth Leaders + 1 Weston Family + 4 Great Horses




The Nepali Rancheros & Me!

The Westons showed Christian hospitality to us all. Shainy built a fire & roasted hot dogs, we all played games, & best of all, got to learn about Horses! None of the youth had ridden before, & most had not touched a horse before. They were all brave & almost all Trotted! It was amazing to be there with them & help them as they rode these amazing animals for the FIRST TIME. These Nepalese youth had never been out of St. Louis since they arrived in the States. It was great to see them running around & having a wonderful time.

Leah & Jacob did a great job as usual as the Fab youth leaders they are.

The Smores… well, I forgot the “traditional” ingredients. So we made vanilla creme cookie Smores with Snickers insted of Hersheys chocolate. We did have the Marshmallows though! They were TASTY!!! Everyone should try it!

Thanks to Pat & Jeannie Weston for hosting us. We got to show these refugee teens God’s creation & what it looks like when Christians come together & have fun! Thanks to our Lord for keeping us safe & giving us a beautiful day!

For ways to help these youth, contact me.

I have an idea… Nepali Bibles to these Hindu youth & their families…

We could use these during our Youth Group, at Church, & during home visits. Contact me if you’d like to donate some to our church!!!

Needed: Electric Blankets, Heaters, Food, Clothing Money/Gift Cards, School Uniforms.

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Youth on Course!

We took the Youth on a Field Trip to a “High Ropes Course.” It was HIGH. & It was SCARY. But they did it! And 7 Leaders, including Aung, Heather, Jacob, Clinton, Sarita, Leah, & Jenny. It may have been impossible without Aung translating for the Burmese & Sarita translating for the Nepalese.

The youth had to show Bravery, Confidence, Listening & Problem Solving Skills to complete the course. This course was definitely something they had never seen before!

Check out 29 of our Photos at:

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Talent Show!!!

Mun sang a solo in front of her ENTIRE school! So, of course I was there to witness such Talent & Bravery! & she sounded GREAT!

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Their FIRST Picnic!

For some, it was there *FIRST American Picnic!*  : )

But no roasted Pig or Goat. Sorry. Maybe next time…. It is in the works! Believe me!

But there were lots of WONDERFUL kids!

Here are a few of our Youth. (Just a few of the 35 or so connected to Our Church) They need to hear the Good News of the Gospel. They need Redemption in all areas of their life. And they have a LOT to teach US.

Some of our youth are Double Refugees. They were refugees in the country they fled TO under oppression, then they were oppressed when they RETURNED to their HOME country.


*Immediate Needs: Donations for School Uniforms, FOOD for Youth Events/Youth Group, Volunteers, Gas Card donations, Prayer Partners, Curriculum Money Donations, Walmart or Target Gift Cards, SALARY- Youth Pastor (right, we have No Youth Pastor), Sports Equipment.

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Jabez & Mun-Career Options…

* Jabez & Mun- Expanding Our Territories! *

Mun is thinking about going into a helping profession such as counseling, psychology, etc. Which I think she would be GREAT at! She is very concerned about people’s spiritual & emotional well-being.

Licensed Professional Counselor, ( Jennifer Vonier, gave Mun her time as Mun interviewed her for a career option as a Christian counselor.

Mun asked a lot of great questions & Mrs. Vonier gave a lot of great answers!

“Do you ever get afraid when counseling?”

“What if people don’t listen?”

“What kind of courses did you take in your college & masters program?”

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

* 1 Chronicles 4 :10 *

If you’d like to help youth ENLARGE their TERRITORIES let me know! Do you have skills you could teach, gifts to offer, or financial support to contribute? Let’s see what we can do!

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From the Governor…

Our lovely “United States Presidential HIstorian,” SAIDA, wasn’t able to attend the Governor’s proclamation ceremony last week. So our Governor, Matt Blunt, sent Saida an autographed photo for her…

: ) ok, YES I cried!

Jenny Shain

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Yes, you heard it right. The South City youth had a “JEWELRY JAMBOREE.”

Youth from All OVER the world came together, as they do every week. So what’s so cool this time??? you ask.

They made INCREDIBLE Jewelry that’s what!

With the amazing patience & guidance of Leah & Theresa, the youth AND myself made bracelets, earrings, necklaces… need I say more? It was basically- Awesome. They pretty much “Rocked the Casbah” of beading!

You will HAVE to check back here for more photos of their FANTASTIC creativity in the next week or so. These kids have GOT SKILLS.


Thank you Leah & Theresa for giving us your time & supplies… Wow! You guys went ALL OUT! & to Meg for your Never Ending Patience & Grace.

Items You Can Donate…Our Youth Currently Need:

School Clothes, Sports Equipment, Prayer Partners, Gift Cards to Walmart/Target, Salary for 2 Youth Ministers, Driving Instructors, & a Van.

Let Me Know What You Can Do!

Youth Minister JENNY SHAIN

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We have many youth from different religious backgrounds. After I taught on Psalm 121 last week in Youth Group, I took W & K home.

I asked them, “How do we teach M. & other kids who have been raised in Hinduism & Buddhism about Jesus? It must be very hard for them to understand Jesus.”

K. said, “Islam hard. Hindu hard. Buddhism very hard. Jesus…Easy.”

The Gospel is simple. The world makes religion very strange & difficult.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8


What are some Youth Needs right now?

Umbrellas, Money for School Uniforms, Food/Snacks/Drinks for Youth Group, 4 Youth Volunteers, Prayer.


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End Tyranny in BURMA!

Many of the youth of our church are from the Karen tribe & some are from the Chin tribes in Burma.

They have lived in refugee camps for years, suffering persecution & turmoil.

The injustice has continued for years & years.

“Mrs Bush, an outspoken critic of the junta, met members of the ethnic Karen community at a camp on the Thai border.

She said reform would allow tens of thousands of refugees to go home.

Mrs Bush’s visit came as her husband, President George W Bush, used a speech in the Thai capital, Bangkok, to call for ‘an end to tyranny’ in Burma.” BBC

Many of the Burmese have “come home” here to St. Louis as legal refugees seeking peace & a new life. A place they never knew is now their new home.

If you would like to help these youth & SHOW them the LOVE of Jesus, please contact me.

The mission field has come to us.

Immediate NEEDS: School Uniforms, After School Tutors through our Church, Sports Equipment, Gift Cards (Walmart/Target), Bikes, Prayer, Friends.


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BAM! SPLAT! Merging Cultures

“What happens when the chicken crosses the road,”

& Another chicken crosses the road…

From different continents….


A great thing is happening! Our youth group has merged Africans, Americans, & Asians.

God has brought together the Burmese & African Refugees. It’s like Apples & Oranges. Except not.

We have to learn from each other, learn to be a team, & to yield to one another.

Studying & Memorizing 1 Corinthians 13 has been a GREAT help to us. Perfect I’d say! THANKS GOD!


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Mun Learns to Drive!

Mun’s FIRST time behind the WHEEL!

Mun’s New Skills! Empowering Young Women comes in all kinds of situations.

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Breaking Away

This month I lost my friends to SOUTH DAKOTA!

It was a tearful goodbye as our church lost one of our treasured Congolese families. They had to move to South Dakota due to job possibilities. I got to church that Sunday & I knew I should’ve worn my waterpoof mascara!

One of the girls was sitting on the steps of the church, with her head down, crying. I reminded her that she was a wonderful girl & God has many wonderful things in store for her. And that there were people in South Dakota that would need to hear the Gospel from her. There are things that God has for her to do there.

They sang one last song for us

The girls say goodbye

I was very concerned that Chantel’s bike wouldn’t get to go to SD- IT DID!

(Thanks to Shainy & Todd for driving)

In ONE year they * Moved from a refugee camp in Burundi to St. Louis,

* Acclimated to American Culture,

* Learned English,

* Learned to Drive/Ride Bikes,

* AND Moved to South Dakota…


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Darfur in St. Louis

Some of the youth were involved with “Gitana,” an outstanding global arts initiative.

In a production this summer, the kids were involved in reenacting a Darfur Sudanese tribal experience.

I am very proud of them for working so long & hard, & being part of a theater production team… A FIRST for some. The youth became aware of the genocide with the Darfur tribes through this touching story.

Sudan has problems like many other parts of Africa, which were depicted in this play.

“The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that 100,000 have died each month because of government attacks. Most non-governmental organizations use 200,000 to more than 400,000; the latter is a figure from the Coalition for International Justice. Sudan’s government claims that over 9,000 people have been killed, although this figure is seen as a gross underestimate. As many as 2.5 million are thought to have been displaced as of October 2006.” Wikipedia

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Surviving CAMP!!!

Shainy & I had an AWESOME & BLESSED time leading Senior High Camp and fellowshipping with other campers at Camp Sallateeska, IL!


1. The Sr. High Girls almost died… hence the pic of the huge tree (now a Stump) that fell PARALLEL to our cabin while we were sleeping— INSTEAD OF ON TOP OF US!!!

My first thought was immediately-WOW, GOD YOU ARE SO POWERFUL! Then the next thought was, ok, now we have to survive the tornado.

2. The Youth had Great questions about Faith.

We studied Ephesians together & the wonderful conclusions of John Calvin also surfaced.

3. The Youth & Shainy & I were refreshed & exhausted. God really blessed our entire week…


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