Posted by: LifeCoach | July 25, 2007

A Life Changing Experience: MISSION WORK! Casting Seeds in Fertile Soil! *Megan’s Perspective*

June 21, 07

Here’s is an exciting article from my friend Megan. We met when she was in my cabin at camp. She is a 15 year old Sophmore going to Peru in a few days! Her thoughts & actions remind me of what we studied at camp… Philippians 2.

“Lima, Peru is a large city
full of poverty and beauty. I say beauty because the people are beautiful, no matter how much or little they have they are happy! They have so little and are content! That to me is amazing!

Some people wonder why a teenager would want to go thousands of miles away, leaving the comforts of home, and be stretched to do things you never thought you could! And this is my answer, I want to go because the Lord has called us to go and tell others about what He has done. We can do this whether we are at home or in other countries. I have also found that when I am serving the Lord, I am most content! When I am stretched beyond what I thought I could do, I find God teaching me so much and that I learn to trust Him more. I grow!!! This is why I love to go!

So what do we do when we are there? Well on the trip that I am going on, we will do a drama showing creation, that shows Jesus’ birth, death, and His resurection! After the drama, a translator will talk to the people and explain what it means. Then someone will give their testamony about how they came to know the Lord. If anyone wishes to ask Jesus into their heart, we will pray with them, and help them find a church where they can grow and learn more! Other days we will go to villages in the higher areas and take care packages of soap, shampoo, toothbrushes…ect. We sometimes have toothbrushing clinics, because in some villages they have never had a toothbrush and don’t know how to use it properly. We also get to wash the hair of some of the people, and also wash their clothes. Water must be bought and it can’t be wasted on things that are not absolutely necessary for living. We may go to school and orphanages and just hang out or even dance with the kids there!

Going on a mission trip as a teen is amazing!!! God works in you so much and teaches you so many things! The whole process teaches you to trust God, because we really can’t do anything without Him!”

Megan Meyerhoff

Megan, thank you for your challenging thoughts! We can’t wait to hear ALL about it when you return. I love the part about washing hair. That is great JESUS stuff Megan!

To my fellow Bloggies: What do YOU think? How is God challenging YOU this summer?


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