Posted by: LifeCoach | July 25, 2007

*Saida’s DC Dreams*

April 13, 2007


Meet Saida…
OK, Ok, I’m a Little Biased… So what’s a little bias among friends? Saida’s my favorite Somalian friend! Who is also a great American Presidential historian.
Her favorite president is Thomas Jefferson! I helped her throw her class a party celebrating the 264th year since TJ’s birth. She gave a great speech on the importance of President Jefferson’s life. We plan on visiting Washington, D.C. & Monticello so that we can see first hand what all of this history really means. Although, she already knows much more about the American presidents than I do.

We need about $2000 to make Saida’s DC Dreams Come True! If you’d like to get in on the adventure & assist us on our WDC journey… Let Me Know!

Saida & I drove to the Arch. Passing Jefferson Avenue she says, “You mean, THOMAS JEFFERSON!?” and I then realized that YES that road was named after our TJ. Saida was thrilled! Running up the stairs to the Arch at the Jefferson National Memorial, she stood in awe of “our” monument. I kept telling her that you can RIDE INSIDE the Arch. We went down into the museum. After RUNNING to the Thomas Jefferson statue & throwing her arms around it, we bought the tickets for “THE RIDE.” As we were going up in our capsule, about half-way up, Saida’s eyes got really wide & she looked at me & said, “WE’RE IN THE ARCH!!!!!” A huge smile came on my face…one of those unforgettable, unbelievable moments.

Later, Saida found the bookstore. There we were sitting on the bookstore floor under the Arch pouring over the incredible books. We were simply amazed at the seemingly endless ingenuity of the life of Thomas Jefferson. We were both going, “Hey look at this! Look at that!” as we flipped through pages & pages of the architectual creations, city designs, university designs, statesmen history, writings, & thoughts of this inventor.

We can’t WAIT to see more of this history up close & personal. Although, Saida is quite sad that she will not be able to actually TOUCH the artifacts in Monticello. And MORE sad that she cannot take them home. But, don’t worry… she’ll be alright!

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our Photoshoot Adventure at the Arch!

DC OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. jenny dawg, you look so beautiful in that pic. šŸ™‚ (it’s me sar dawg)

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