Posted by: LifeCoach | July 25, 2007

Pile O’ Chicken’s Feet! YUMMY!

JUNE 26, 2007

So, Megan’s leaving for Peru, Ana’s going to Belize, Elinor’s in Costa Rica, Akou’s in Togo, Jennifer T just got back from China & we are getting ready for Ukraine. Phew! The girls are on the move!

This Just In From Elinor!…

Oh, Hello Dello,
I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you while I’m down here. I miss you, but it took so long to get down here that i don’t want to come back any time soon. I hate layovers.

We went to a cafè britt today, which is where they grow and process organic coffee beans. it was really cool to see how they do it. I never knew that coffee beans were red! And then when they´re shelled, they are green, and then roasted to brown them the way we always see them. I know you might not appreciate this, jenny, but I loved it and I loved the samples that we got! Oo, iced organic coffee with cinnamon in it.

So then we went to the mercado in heredia and did a scavenger hunt and one of the girls in my class got pick-pocketed. It was only a little bit exciting and thoroughly freaky. The market down there is sort of similar to a farmer´s market or soulard market, but it is weirder because you always have to watch out for pinchers and creepy people who say crude things about you. Oh, and the carnicerias are so creepy! There are dead animals hanging all over the place and I saw a whole pig´s head hanging on the wall! Eew, and a pile of chicken´s feet, which apparently people buy and eat (guacala!). Anyway, more later because I´m running out of time to do stuff before 7 when i have to be off the streets and safely back in my room.
Later, Mater



  1. welcome back, jenny! i’m looking forward to hearing about your trip and i like the look of the new blog.

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