Posted by: LifeCoach | July 25, 2007

WHO IS this Girl???

It has been confirmed that I am a human type with XX Chromosomes. One intersects at the corner of Redemptive & Goofy. The other at the crossroads of Creative & Counselor. I have all 35 of our children’s names chosen, as well as their talents. Even though they haven’t been born yet. I substitute those offspring with youth & children from our community whom I take great delight in comforting, challenging, & in imagined spankings. Believe me, they need it. I am a youth leader in South St. Louis.

I look forward to heaven when all of creation can live in perfect harmony, kinda like that old Coke commercial. I already have my pets picked out for my mansion in Glory. Also, please send your resumes complete with reliable references if you have been hand selected to be my heavenly roommates. We’re not sure where Shainy fits into that at the moment. However, his references do look good.

Oh, “who is this Shainy,” you ask? He is the FABulous husband to the Foxy. He is thoughtful, yet not too thoughtful that he won’t give his opinion. And he has a meeeeeeean Indian accent. Let me tell ya, it’s so good even his Irish accent sounds like an Indian.

If I could have any super hero ability it would be a toss up between…
playing every instrument in the world & speaking every language in the world. Ok, I’d love to fly too. But that’s like a cheating cheap knock off of an original.
I also enjoy cheap thrills such as editing other people’s poorly written work, laughing at bad photographs, & yelling at deficiently written yard sale signs. My other real work is as a Professional Photographer. I am an artist. I believe LOVE is in the Details. In my spare time I enjoy color coding, my incredible husband, and my two kitties.
In heaven, I plan to spend my time creating all of the things I didn’t have time for on earth & making music & anything else that fills up the senses. Cause, seems like I never get it done or quite right here on earth.
But I do LOVE IT when a GREAT Artistic Plan comes together!

And THAT, folks, is WHO I am.



  1. Love it! great description of who you are. On your free time, you wanna help me with mine? I wouldn’t know where to begin to write or rather if I could even say much.

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