Posted by: LifeCoach | August 11, 2007

*One On One Love*

Refugee girls from West Africa. What do these girls need? One on One Love. That involves time, patience, asking challenging questions, prayer, thought provoking discipleship, thoughtful inspiration, feeding hungry kiddos, & gas money.

Welcome to my life as an Urban Missionary in South City, St. Louis with Immigrant Youth. It takes a lot of care, communication, & life coaching. I have to admit, much of the time it feels less like being a shepherd & more like herding cats : ) It’s not your typical youth group.

Most of the girls do not have their mother or fathers. They often live with a relative or “friend.” Many of their parents have died in the wars & violence in West Africa. Some of the girls tell me they “cannot remember what their mama looks like.” Here’s where OUR tears come. Some of our kids are like orphans. And almost all lack boundaries, structure in their lives, their homes, & I wonder where their meals come from. Part of my time is spent rocking girls in my arms who are weeping with tears of loneliness, some of the time is spent trying to find socks & shoes for girls who have long out grown their other pair. And we want our youth to have fun too! To experience things outside of their normal lives, to meet people they wouldn’t normally meet, to exceed in school, & to know God personally.

For me, raising financial support for my work as an urban missionary in St. Louis is pretty scary. But it’s worth it. This is a worthwhile ministry & these girls need it. They are worth it!

Christ came “To Seek & To Save the Lost,” to Redeem, to Restore. This is True Spirituality, This is Real Theology & Authentic Religion. That’s what being a youth minister to refugee girls is all about.

“Lord, help me to do your will. Empower me to be effective with the girls you have entrusted to me.”




  1. I’m a Romanian Christian writer, a poet of Crist. I have a little In English section of Christian poetry on my blog:
    Do you want te see it? Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Hi there! Thanks for letting me know where you found my blog! I have not in fact used that travel agency before. Of course, you should always do your homework on that sort of thing first. I do posts from time to time for Payperpost and that was one of them.
    Thanks for stopping by, come back and see me again sometime! It’s good to hear from locals 🙂

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