Posted by: LifeCoach | August 24, 2007

Little Lamb


“Little lamb, who made thee?”

Do you remember? Remember the God who formed you, knows you?

The Great Shepherd of whom you have heard & been taught?

Little lost lamb, Come back.

Back to the Shepherd that calls your name.

Back to the fold that yearns for your salvation.

The flock is crying, praying, & hurting. Missing one of their own.

Oh Shepherd, Go & pull the lamb from the rocky cliffs.

Must the Shepherd break the legs of that sheep that is tossing her life near the steep & jagged bluffs?

Do whatever you must, Oh Great Shepherd.

Hide her in the clefts of the rock

as Satan’s minions pass her by.

Let death pass over her. Bring her back.

Let the little lamb return to skipping & dancing, playing & jumping within the fold.

Dear Shepherd, make her into a sweet little lamb, who rests her head upon the Savior’s Will.

“Little lamb who made thee? Little lamb, I’ll tell thee,”…


-Jenny F.S.


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