Posted by: LifeCoach | August 27, 2007

Repaying With Their Lives… S.Korean Missionaries

“Western missionaries came to our country in the late 19th century and with their blood, sweat and tears brought the Gospel. This was a dangerous and isolated place back then. Now we are repaying them by taking the Gospel around the world,” Choi Hee Bum of the Christian Council of Korea said.

On July 19, 23 South Korean missionary aid workers were taken hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan.   

The aid workers’ leader, 42 year old Hyung-Kyu, was the second murdered hostage. His widow Kim Hee Yeon said, “He went to Afghanistan with a real love for people” she said. “He was killed on his birthday and I think he received the best present– the chance to be with God in heaven!”

“Missionaries shouldn’t be confined to only going to places that are ‘safe’.” 

“The apostle Paul reminds us that he was chained for the Gospel and that means we have to take the message of Christ to the ends of the earth no matter the cost or how dangerous it is.” 

“Today, nearly 17,000 Korean Christians are serving in roughly 176 countries, making South Korea the world’s second largest missionary-sending nation after the United States.” 

I was recently reminded by our Restore St. Louis funds director that the girls I minister to are not simply worth the $25,000 I need to raise…. They are worth the Blood, Sweat, & Tears of CHRIST! Just like the people of Afghanistan & South Korea. They are worth even MORE than the blood of the martyrs… They too shall inherit the Kingdom of God!

A friend of mine was recently held up at gun point after moving into a rather dangerous neighborhood for the sake of the Gospel… & now God is reminding him that that gunman must hear the Gospel… he Must Hear the Good News! That is why we are here, living in a dangerous world. Aren’t we tempted to pray, “Lord Come Back! Return!” But God says, No. He refuses to answer that prayer… For the sake of the unreached, the downcast, those who have no hope… That gunman, & the rest of the world must hear the Good News!

Revelation 5:9

“And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”



  1. Thanks for having a heart for the persecuted. We pray often for people we don’t know because we know we are blessed to still have freedom in the U.S.A



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