Posted by: LifeCoach | October 1, 2007

What’s Your WIMzy?

What’s your WIMzy?



* Saida’s WIM is to go to Washington D.C. & Monticello, go on a tour of William & Mary, meet mayors, congressmen, then attend William & Mary, majoring in America History. – I need help on this one people!!!

* Jenny’s WIM is to go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride, take Guitar, Violin, & African Drumming lessons, to Sing in a Movie, Record a CD, Raise all of my Financial Support & Ministry Expenses, get a MAC laptop, & to help other girls reach their WIMzy.

* Sunita’s WIM is to be a Singer.

* Yvonne’s WIM is to be a Doctor.

* Alene’s WIM is to go to Israel.

* Muna’s WIM is to get her Driver’s Permit, be a professional singer, & to have a cute Prom Dress : )

* Elinor’s WIM is to become a Pilot

“What’s your WIMzy?”



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