Posted by: LifeCoach | December 3, 2007

An African Thanksgiving!

The Liberians, Congolese & us had a great time frolicking in the woods & hanging out at the Shain Cabin! It was good for all of us to get out of the city into “WIDE OPEN SPACES.”

It was a Thankful Thanksgiving. The question remains: How can such little kids consume 19 pounds of TURKEY???



I think it was their first time to visit Illinois, maybe out of (greater) St. Louis… that’s what they said anyway. It was a real treat for us too. We had a bonfire, a long hike in the woods, & lots of food. My favorite part was racing with the kids through the corn field. It looked like the corn furrows were made like running lanes in the middle of the country, just for us.

How to entertain kids all the way to So. IL? Play “I Spy a Water Tower!” They had never seen those before… amazing things those water towers! We counted about 9. Then on the way back it was dark, so we played “I Spy the Christmas Lights…” they loved seeing all of the Christmas decor on Thanksgiving night. As we pulled back into the STL, they were all asleep. We made it!


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