Posted by: LifeCoach | December 6, 2007

* 13th FIRST Birthday Party *

One of my Most FAVORITE memories in St. Louis was giving my Most FAVORITE Somali, Saida, her FIRST Birthday Party.

It was last year, 2006. She was 12 & her birthday was coming up- She was going to be a teenager!

I said, “What are we going to do!???” Saida said, “A Party!” I said, “YES!” She said, “I’ve never had a birthday party.” I didn’t want to act too surprised because, who can actually do that living in a refugee camp in Kenya? So I said, “Who should we invite?!”

She told me 3 or 4 friends. That was it. She wanted a cake. Candles. Ice cream of course. And me & her friends.

I called around after our planning. I called people, radio stations, somebody who could help me make a girl’s teenage FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY incredibly special. Who else has an opportunity like this? To give a girl her first birthday party?! I thought of everything… but I just couldn’t pull it together in time. *sighs*

So, Dec 1st, 2006, I pulled up to her house. Snow was everywhere… And we had planned an outdoor party. It was Freezing… And it was SO FUN! She was so happy with everything. So content, & thankful. Maybe it was the hilarious candles that wouldn’t blow out. But I think she was just happy that her friends took their time to celebrate HER, to care. With chocolate cake : )

I thought, “Tis a Gift to be Simple.” That night I drove away, so glad no one called me back about giving her a big, incredible, “unforgettable” birthday party. Now, she has her entire life to live those wonderful birthdays. And they are already Unforgettable.

That, my friends, is one of my FAVORITE St. Louis memories.



  1. I’m happy to see you are building friendships with Somalis in Jesus’ name. St. Louis?

    We are in Mpls/St. Paul. SALT is Somali Adult Literacy Training: sharing Jesus with our Somali neighbors through literacy & friendship.

    Keep up the good work! (and let me know if you need Somali-specific resources.)
    Mike in Mpls

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