Posted by: LifeCoach | December 6, 2007

14th Birthday! Not Just Another Day…


Saida’s 14th Birthday was coming up. She wasn’t allowed to go out. So, I wasn’t sure what to do. I told her I would come by. I called her on her birthday after school. She said it had been a “TERRIBLE day.” Apparantly, no one had acknowledged her birthday.

I didn’t have much money, so thankfully I had been given some jewelry for gifts for the youth girls. And then I found the dollar aisle at Target-SCORE!!!

I called Shainy & said, “well it seems like it’s been a ‘TERRIBLE’ Day for a 14 year old, so we’re DEFINATELY going to have to have CHOCOLATE Cake.” Saida’s favorite.

I knocked on the door & heard little voices & feet inside as 11 siblings ran down the stairs. After hugs for everybody, it was on with the party! I pulled out the simple presents, then the cake, the ice cream, & candles. All the children were so excited!

Saida stood & looked at me & said, “How can I ever thank you?” That was worth everthing in the whole world.

Her father (of 12 kids) told me he recently lost his job. I don’t think anybody felt like giving anybody a party. I am so thankful for December 1st… I felt like God was allowing me to bring a little light to a household that I love. What kind of Terrible day was it? It was a Great Day!



  1. After eating cake & ice cream, Saida wanted to talk about her favorite subject…
    Visiting Washington DC & attending William & Mary.

    She’s never been on a trip- except that big jump across the Atlantic Ocean!!!
    So, I need about $2000 to take Saida to WDC, Monticello, & William & Mary.

    Please help a girls dream come true…
    Contact me!


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