Posted by: LifeCoach | June 24, 2008

Breaking Away

This month I lost my friends to SOUTH DAKOTA!

It was a tearful goodbye as our church lost one of our treasured Congolese families. They had to move to South Dakota due to job possibilities. I got to church that Sunday & I knew I should’ve worn my waterpoof mascara!

One of the girls was sitting on the steps of the church, with her head down, crying. I reminded her that she was a wonderful girl & God has many wonderful things in store for her. And that there were people in South Dakota that would need to hear the Gospel from her. There are things that God has for her to do there.

They sang one last song for us

The girls say goodbye

I was very concerned that Chantel’s bike wouldn’t get to go to SD- IT DID!

(Thanks to Shainy & Todd for driving)

In ONE year they * Moved from a refugee camp in Burundi to St. Louis,

* Acclimated to American Culture,

* Learned English,

* Learned to Drive/Ride Bikes,

* AND Moved to South Dakota…



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