Posted by: LifeCoach | August 10, 2008

End Tyranny in BURMA!

Many of the youth of our church are from the Karen tribe & some are from the Chin tribes in Burma.

They have lived in refugee camps for years, suffering persecution & turmoil.

The injustice has continued for years & years.

“Mrs Bush, an outspoken critic of the junta, met members of the ethnic Karen community at a camp on the Thai border.

She said reform would allow tens of thousands of refugees to go home.

Mrs Bush’s visit came as her husband, President George W Bush, used a speech in the Thai capital, Bangkok, to call for ‘an end to tyranny’ in Burma.” BBC

Many of the Burmese have “come home” here to St. Louis as legal refugees seeking peace & a new life. A place they never knew is now their new home.

If you would like to help these youth & SHOW them the LOVE of Jesus, please contact me.

The mission field has come to us.

Immediate NEEDS: School Uniforms, After School Tutors through our Church, Sports Equipment, Gift Cards (Walmart/Target), Bikes, Prayer, Friends.



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