Posted by: LifeCoach | October 3, 2008

Their FIRST Picnic!

For some, it was there *FIRST American Picnic!*  : )

But no roasted Pig or Goat. Sorry. Maybe next time…. It is in the works! Believe me!

But there were lots of WONDERFUL kids!

Here are a few of our Youth. (Just a few of the 35 or so connected to Our Church) They need to hear the Good News of the Gospel. They need Redemption in all areas of their life. And they have a LOT to teach US.

Some of our youth are Double Refugees. They were refugees in the country they fled TO under oppression, then they were oppressed when they RETURNED to their HOME country.


*Immediate Needs: Donations for School Uniforms, FOOD for Youth Events/Youth Group, Volunteers, Gas Card donations, Prayer Partners, Curriculum Money Donations, Walmart or Target Gift Cards, SALARY- Youth Pastor (right, we have No Youth Pastor), Sports Equipment.

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