Posted by: LifeCoach | October 28, 2008

Horse & Country Day

18 Youth who had NEVER ridden a Horse + 4 Youth Leaders + 1 Weston Family + 4 Great Horses




The Nepali Rancheros & Me!

The Westons showed Christian hospitality to us all. Shainy built a fire & roasted hot dogs, we all played games, & best of all, got to learn about Horses! None of the youth had ridden before, & most had not touched a horse before. They were all brave & almost all Trotted! It was amazing to be there with them & help them as they rode these amazing animals for the FIRST TIME. These Nepalese youth had never been out of St. Louis since they arrived in the States. It was great to see them running around & having a wonderful time.

Leah & Jacob did a great job as usual as the Fab youth leaders they are.

The Smores… well, I forgot the “traditional” ingredients. So we made vanilla creme cookie Smores with Snickers insted of Hersheys chocolate. We did have the Marshmallows though! They were TASTY!!! Everyone should try it!

Thanks to Pat & Jeannie Weston for hosting us. We got to show these refugee teens God’s creation & what it looks like when Christians come together & have fun! Thanks to our Lord for keeping us safe & giving us a beautiful day!

For ways to help these youth, contact me.

I have an idea… Nepali Bibles to these Hindu youth & their families…

We could use these during our Youth Group, at Church, & during home visits. Contact me if you’d like to donate some to our church!!!

Needed: Electric Blankets, Heaters, Food, Clothing Money/Gift Cards, School Uniforms.

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