Want to Give to a GREAT Cause?

“Take Your Passion, Make it Happen!”
We are a youth ministry in Douglasville, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, with Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church!

Things You Can Donate to Our Youth Group:

* YOUR TIME, We’d love for you to come & build relationships with our youth, share Christ with them! Mentoring, Discipleship, Bible Studies, Soccer, or just hanging out : ) Let me know how you would like to be involved! What gifts do you have?

* Nice COUCH


* RETREAT Venues/Cabins

* New Geneva Study BIBLES/ESV Study BIBLES, or NIV Study BIBLES.

* Door PRIZES/AwardsCrank up your Creative Juices! Let me know whatcha got!

* CAKES, Cupcakes for Birthdays & Special events.

* TICKETS to events: Concerts, Shows, Musicals, Sports, etc.


*RECORDING STUDIO TIME for youth. The kids love to sing & make music. We would like to make a recording.

* Though we have moved from our refugee focused ministry in St. Louis to our new home in Georgia, my vision is to start a fund for “College Scholarships for Refugees” who are working Very Hard in school & taking every opportunity God Gives them!

Post a Comment Below or Email Me & Let Me Know What You’d Like to Do! THANKS! *Jenny*

“The Best is Yet To Come Won’t It Be Fiiiiiiine!”


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